Friday, July 24, 2009


So If You Haven't Figured It Out.. I've Been Gone! My Internet Modem Crashed And I Couldn't Access It On My Computer. When, The Cable Guy Came To Fix It.. He Said My Computer Was Messed Up. So I Took My LapTop To Best Buy For Them To Tell Me Nothing Was Wrong With My Computer. That The Internet Connection Is What Had To Be Wrong. So, I Called My Cable Company And They Said I Had To Wait Two Days For The Cable Guy To Come Out. This Time I Actually Got A Girl. She Zapped My Modem, And Viola! I'm Back! That Guy Really Burned A Fire Under Me. He Truly Said Nothing's Wrong With The Modem.. When It Was What Crashed. What A Butt! LOL! Anyways, During My Hell Week, I Managed To Venture Off To The Book Store To Try And Stay Sane...

And I Found These Babies!!



Eyes Like Stars

Make Sure You Go To Your Bookstore And See If These Books Are In Stock! Shiver And Prophecy Aren't Due Out Till August. See If You Can Get Them. They Really Are All That Good!
I Now Own All Three Of These Books! LOL!

Apologies All Around,
Especially To My Followers...



Alice's Aunt said...

Welcome back! Sorry it was such a bummer, getting it fixed. :-(

Hooray for the books.

Mmmmm... 'Shiver' hu? I'll have to look into this one. :-)

'Alice's Aunt'