Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quick Shade Update.

One Of The Winners Did Not Get Back To Me. Beverly, I E-mailed You And Posted Here. I'm Really Sorry To Do This But There Is A Dead Line And I'm Pretty Sure The Winners Want To Recieve Their Books, Already. So I Had Choose Another Winner.

Kimberly B. Would You Please E-mail Me Your Mailing Address To
RagDollVampGirl@aol.com Within 48 Hours Please.. :)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Update: Shade Book Winners' Info

Hey Everyone!

A Wonderful Follower Of Mine, Dahlia Brought To My Attention A Couple Of Flaws In My Contest. I Didn't Get The Winners' Mailing Addresses When The Contest Ended. So Sorry! Would All The Winners Please E-Mail Me There Mailing Address To RagDollVampGirl@aol.com.

Thanks Again, Dahlia!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Soulstice: Luna's Dream by Lance Dow and Keana Texeira

Luna's Dream


Luna's Dream Is The First Installment In The Thrilling Teen Romance And Action Packed Saga Betweern 15-Year-Old Vampire And Social Outsider Luna Tremaine And 16-Year-Old Closet Introvert Turned Football Star, Paul James.

Dangerous Desires Put Their Young Love And The Loyalty Of Family And Close Friends To The Ultimate Test With Luna And Paul James' Forbidden Mingling Of Vampires And Humans: Breaking An Eon's Old Vampire Code. The Danger Explodes When A Trio Of Deadly And Vicious Teen Cheerleader Vampires From Powerful Vampire Families, 'The Killer Bees', Set Their Bloodlust Onto The Prize Of Luna's Paul James.

Luna And Her Bestfriend Lily Burgoyne Take That Danger To Unbelievable Heights In The Thrilling Climax Of "Soulstice: Luna'sDream."

My Review:

If You Take Buffy And Make Her A Vampire, Add Some Selene From Underworld, And Add Some Grace From Neytiri From Avatar You Would Get Luna! Minus The Blue Skin. Luna's Dream Is A Very, Very Seductive Read, Not To Be Compared With Twilight. The Book Pulls You Into The Town Of Crescent City And Knocks You Into A World Like No Other. Luna Must Keep Her Vampiric Ways And Rules A Secret But Can No Longer Hold Them In. She Gets A Book And Begins Writing To Her Heart's Desire. It All Starts With A Dream. This Book Will Leave Readers Wanting To Know What Happens To Paul James And Luna's Relationship And The Fate Of The World. Luna Is Kick-Ass Strong And A Beautiful Faith Believing Vampire. Not Fragile Like Bella. I Can't Wait To Read The Next Books!

Rating - 5/5

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Shade Book Winners!!

Here Are The Winners From My Shade Review Contest!

1. Cindy
2. Sara
3. Dahlia
4. Beverly
5. Donnas

I Sent Your Info To The Publishers. Hopefully They Will Be Contacting You Soon!!
Thank You Soooo Much To Everyone Who Entered!!
More Contests Coming Soon!