Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Beautiful Dead: Jonas by Eden Maguire



Not alive...
Not dead...
Somewhere in between lie the Beautiful Dead...

When Darina’s boyfriend, Phoenix, is the fourth student to die from Ellerton High School, she feels her sanity start to slip away. Why fight when everything is bleak and gray? For Darina, there is no beauty left in the world. She is certain that she’s going crazy when she sees him, and the other high school fatalities, in an abandoned barn. But when Phoenix kisses her, she’s convinced he’s come back… to life? Jonas, Summer, Arizona and Phoenix have been guided back from death by the enigmatic and frightening Hunter, a “babysitter” for souls returned from the dead. The rules stipulate that they can remain in the world of the living for up to one year in order to set right a wrong linked to their deaths. In exchange for being allowed to see Phoenix, Darina agrees to help the undead teens find justice, starting with Jonas—whose year is nearly up! Keeping a barn full of animated, tattooed corpses a secret becomes increasingly difficult as rumors of ghosts and strange happenings rip through the small community. Grief stricken, the townspeople mobilize groups of bikers to explore the country around the town. Darina must discover who is behind Jonas’s fatal motorcycle accident—without becoming a victim herself—and keep the secret of the Beautiful Dead. She would sacrifice anything to help her beloved Phoenix find peace, but setting him free means losing him forever…

My Review
A-MAZING!! When I Went Into B&N On My Weekly Book Binge I Wasn't There To Pick This Book Up Intentionally, But I Saw The Cover, Read The Back And Had To Have It! This Book Is A Super-Easy Read. Sometimes I Felt Like I Was Reading The Main Character - Darina's Journal. Although This Book Is Very Popular In The UK I Hadn't Really Heard Of It. Boy, Am I Glad I Bought It! Darina Is Going Through A Really Tough Patch. She Just Lost Her Boyfriend, Her Best Friend Isn't Speaking To Her Anymore, Her Best Guy Friend Wants More From Her, And Her Mother Makes Her See A Shrink. To Top It All Off, One Day Of Wandering Around Leads Her To Find THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD. Four Dead Teenagers Being Run By An Overlord Named Hunter. And One Them Is Phoenix: Her Dead Boyfriend. These Four Souls Are Still On Earth To Discover What Happened To Them. How And Why They Died. Darina's Character Is Really Easy To Relate To. I Haven't Lost Anyone Like That, But I Understand What Makes Her Hold On To Phoenix So Tightly. And That's The Fear Of Being Alone. We Don't Really Get To Know More About The Beautiful Dead, Possibly Because Each Character Has They're Own Book. And So Begins A Whirlwind Of Suspense As Darina Tries To Figure Out What Happended To Jonas. The First Teenager To Die Nearly A Year Ago. And Time Is Running Out...
I Highly Recommend This Book!

Rating 5/5

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